New Products — Summer 2021



For ease-of-use in adventure park settings, the new Petzl TRAC CLUB trolley is designed to allow guests to hook the trolley onto a cable using one hand, without the need to operate a carabiner. Its ergonomic design makes it easy for guests to grip and manipulate a single clip in order to attach the trolley to the cable. The primary lanyard is directly and semi-permanently integrated into the trolley so the connection will never separate. The TRAC CLUB is equipped with replaceable protective impact surfaces on either end, and it features durable ball bearings for speed on course. It is compatible with Petzl’s CARITRAC trolley carrying system.



The new Edelrid ULTRALIGHT helmet, with an impact-resistant polypropylene shell, has been designed with commercial use in mind. Available in both adult and junior sizes, the ULTRALIGHT has improved ventilation for guest comfort. The fully adjustable head and chin strap are replaceable and washable to ensure fit and cleanliness. The clip sets and the padded carrying system, made with antibacterial webbing, are also replaceable as part of routine maintenance. The ULTRALIGHT is available with a headlamp attachment option for night excursions.



The KristallTurm Kids’ High Ropes Course is a new, multi-element attraction for kids of all ages that can be integrated into a larger ropes course installation or built as a standalone activity. It utilizes the KOALA Pouliz continuous belay system, so kids stay connected throughout the course. Parents can easily accompany their children from the ground since the platforms are only about 3 feet high. The Large version incorporates 25 unique elements, while the XL sports 40 unique elements. Each course finishes with a 33-foot-long zip line.



The ZAZA2 Block from Kong is a suspension clamp developed for use in adventure parks, and it is said to be suitable as a replacement for Hubbell suspension clamps. It can be used on both horizontal and angled cable. The aluminum plate works with an HR 3T bow shackle (HS 5/6”) to secure the attachment points for hanging aerial adventure elements. The ZAZA2 Block is certified to EN 15567-1 and EN 13411 standards.



The ZipSpeed Tandem Trolley from ISC Wales is now available with noise-reducing nylon wheels that decrease sound output by up to 7 decibels. Designed for operators aiming to minimize sound that may impact local residents or wildlife, the nylon wheels are available with ISC’s 13 mm and 16 mm ZipSpeed trolley models. The ZipSpeed Noise Reduction Trolleys are suited for use on industry-standard zip line cables, but a smooth-surfaced “interlocked” cable is ideal for maximum performance and durability.


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