New Products — Spring 2023



Kong has released a new multi-directional openable ring designed for semi-permanent equipment connection that ensures optimal load distribution in any position. The ring, available in two sizes (42 mm and 48 mm) has a 15 mm opening to allow ropes with sewn terminations to be inserted. There is a removable gate via slotted screw that requires a flathead screwdriver to open. The screw is equipped with a rubber seal that ensures tightening without vibrations. The asymmetric shape of the ring eliminates the chance of assembly error, according to Kong. The ring is tested according to the recent UIAA 130 standard for a load sharing device. The design conforms to EN 362/M standard with a 23 kN load. 



Custom fire pits from Adventure Suppliers are fabricated from heavy-duty cold-rolled steel for years of durability and feature a natural rust patina finish that continues to age over time. Logos and/or images are cut into the sides of the fire pits using a computer numeric control (CNC) plasma cutter. There is no assembly required as the legs are welded to the fire pit; a poker, barbecue grill, and spark screen are included. Each fire pit comes with a five-year limited warranty and is guaranteed not to burn or rust through. It has a diameter of 29 in., height of 16 in., and it weighs 42 lb.



The CLiC-iT RiDER is a pulley designed specifically for a continuous belay system, with no user interaction required once the pulley is installed on the life line. The RiDER pulley is compatible with pin-lock carabiners and lanyards. The magnetic locking system allows for quick evacuation in the event of a rescue or emergency. The pulley is made out of forged aluminum and is less than 5 in. long and less than 5 in. tall. It weighs just 1.3 lb. It features nylon wheels that reduce noise, weight, and cable wear. Positioners along the course ensure the pulley travels along smoothly, and closed anchors eliminate the need to crimp cable. The pulley is designed for 12 mm steel cable with full steel core. The CLiC-iT RiDER has a max vertical load of 20 kN (roughly 4,500 lb.).



Tree radar mapping is a non-invasive trunk and root inspection completed by the Tree Radar Unit (TRU) system. This portable imaging system creates an image of the internal trunk and subsurface structural root mass to determine if internal decay is present and to detect vertical surface cracks that are not visible to the eye. It also produces images of the root structure, location, and depth. Using radar waves, roots as small as 1 cm can be detected and mapped under a wide variety of surfaces including turf, bare ground, concrete, asphalt, bricks, pavers, and buildings. Because the TRU system is non-invasive, soils are not disturbed and roots are not injured, so repeated measurements can be taken to reveal long-term root development or decline. 



Non-destructive testing is a magnetic diagnostic test used to inspect the structural integrity of an entire wire rope, including its core. The testing equipment causes no damage to the wire rope. The test detects flaws such as broken strands and loss of metallic area that is nearly impossible to find with visual or tactile inspections, according to the company. NDT/MRT is often required after five years of service or less depending on volume, environmental conditions, and/or incidents. Aerial Parks Safety & Consultation now offers this service to all commercial zip line operators.



The Zip Line Mag trolley is designed for steep and fast zip lines, utilizing magnets to automatically reduce speed. The trolley weighs 7 lb. and is less than a foot long, making it manageable for guests to carry. It has a unidirectional design, which eliminates confusion at set up, with replaceable bumpers on each end. It is compatible with all zipSTOP braking systems. The Mag trolley’s replaceable polyurethane sheaves allow for a quieter ride due to no metal-on-metal contact with the zip line, and can potentially extend the zip line’s serviceable lifespan. A spreader bar keeps the user traveling in a forward position during high-speed braking. It was designed by Darry Shore of Caliber Engineering and is distributed by Aerial Parks.



Nature Outfitters is offering two new products from SafeClimb for use at aerial adventure operations—the Dyno Ropeworks descender and the Dyno Adventure automatic belay. Both conform to EN241:2011 Class A standards.

The Adventure model is designed for adventure parks and aerial adventure courses, ropes courses, and climbing walls. It features a dual-action braking system, an additional descent brake as a backup, and controlled retraction speed. The Adventure’s maximum descent speed is about 6.5 feet per second. The unit is sealed and weatherproof, so it can be used outdoors in temperatures ranging from -31°F to 113°F. Its anodized aluminum housing and drum contribute to its light weight of 26.5 lb. The Adventure can be used with 32-, 40-, or 60-foot-long lanyards made from 0.86 in. high-use Vectran webbing.

The Dyno Ropeworks is an automatic friction reciprocating direct-drive descender that uses the same type of braking system as an auto belay, but it’s more compact in size and is designed to be used for rescue or assisted lowering situations. It weighs roughly 7.7 lb., is about 9.6 inches tall and 5.7 inches wide. It has a minimum working load of 22 lb., and a max of 330 lb. The maximum descent speed is roughly 6.5 feet per second and it can handle up to 360 feet of rope.


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