New Products — Fall 2019


A dozen new and evolved products over novel activities, increased security, and software innovation.



Revl is an automated video (and photo) solution for adventure experiences that streamlines the process of capturing, editing, and delivering customer videos and photos. It starts when customers select a video package from the Revl Onboarding app prior to participating in the activity. A Revl stabilized action camera captures their experience and begins editing automatically when the camera is returned to the dock. Videos and photos are sent directly to the guest email address and the Revl app for a frictionless sharing process.



The EZYiD System from ISC is an asset tracking system that utilizes RFID technology to manage inspection and documentation for all assets (such as harnesses, helmets, etc.). The EZYiD Reader can be paired via Bluetooth connection to any computer, tablet, or mobile phone and functions with any audit system. To track assets, point the EZYiD Reader at the asset tag, and the data automatically uploads to the audit system. Tags are available as stickers, cable ties, or molded tags; one of these can be fitted to almost any type of asset without inhibiting functionality.



The Vertical Trek Innovations Gold Standard is a participant hook-up system that integrates the Petzl Progress Adjust dual lanyard with the Seven safety hook or similar. The combination allows guests of varying heights to maneuver through the course. The adjustable lanyard is made of shock-limiting, 10 mm dynamic cord for guest comfort. The fixed end of the lanyard is attached to a Petzl Track Plus trolley so users can traverse zip lines.



Fotaflo has partnered with FareHarbor, Rezgo, High Trek POS, and Zapier to offer integrations that make it easier to deliver photos and videos to guests. Operations can simply upload photos and videos using the Fotaflo app or import them from a camera onto a computer. The integration pushes guest information to the operation’s Fotaflo account, and photos and videos are then automatically pushed to guests. Learn more and sign up for a 14-day free trial.



The Petzl VERTEX helmet is a fully modular design that can integrate with headlamps, hearing protection, and additional accessories. It features a six-point textile suspension and CENTERFIT and FLIP&FIT systems for all-day comfort and a secure fit. The adjustable-strength chinstrap enhances the helmet’s performance envelope: It can be set at high strength for work-at-height—limiting the risk of losing the helmet during a fall—and low strength for work on the ground—limiting strangulation risk if the helmet snags on something.



The Flying Buoy from SPS Filets is a big, round, inflatable buoy—think inner tube—in which participants sit and take off for a unique zipping experience. The Buoy is 35 cm thick and covered with a braided, polyamide net. The end of each of four, 1.5-meter suspension ropes is equipped with a 16 mm CE shackle, which connects the Flying Buoy to a zip line above.



The Play Nets from Adventure Solutions offer kids a colorful, one-of-a-kind play experience, sans harness. The hand-knitted nets, made from a soft, durable, indoor/outdoor rope, can be woven to create various climbing features, such as tunnels, gopher holes, and netted balls (swings). Play Nets can be customized to suit many different locations and operations.



The SkyTrail Safety Entrance from Ropes Courses Incorporated helps operators ensure participants’ harnesses are securely connected to the slingline. Available in both electronic and mechanical versions, the Safety Entrance requires participants to fully weight their harness before they are allowed to enter the course. The sensors in the electrical system trigger a red light/green light verifying (or not) that participants are secure. With the mechanical system, an operator verifies that the slingline is properly attached, and pulls a safety lever to allow access onto the course. As of August 2019, all new SkyTrail installations come standard with the mechanical Safety Entrance. Both versions can be retrofit onto existing installations.



Only Sky is a booking and management software specifically designed for outdoor experiences. It includes features that help manage sales and operations, including staff scheduling, guest details, waiver collection, inventory management, point-of-sale, and reporting. Only Sky‘s cloud-based platform allows for a fast initial install—just 24 hours—and for management to access the system remotely.



The Direct Drive Auto Belay Powerfan from Perfect Descent Climbing Systems is hand-built in the USA. With a lanyard retraction speed of two feet per second and a maximum descent rate of 6.6 feet per second, the Direct Drive is ideal for beginner routes, kid zones, and programmed events. It’s designed for a user weight range of 25 to 310 lbs. The inch-wide nylon webbing has a breaking strength of 15.6 kN and comes in lengths of 28, 40, or 53 feet. The Direct Drive meets ANSI/ASSE Z359.4, EN 341, AS.NZS 1891, and CSA Z259.2.3-99 certification standards.



The Kanopeo GripZip, a hand brake support made from premium leather, attaches easily over a glove to protect it from abrasion and heat buildup and extends the life of the glove. It can also be used without gloves. The GripZip’s hook and loop closure system adjusts to fit different hand sizes, and it’s fully reversible, allowing for use on either hand. The main leather wear part can be easily replaced as needed.



The Deimos ECO WallTee full-body harness is designed for ease-of-use on high-traffic zip courses. The seated harness takes an average of 20 seconds to put on, and 10 to take off. The padded seat, back, and shoulders are designed for maximum comfort. Available in three sizes, XS-M, S-L, and L-XXL, the ECO WallTee accommodates guests as young as age two and weights up to 300 lbs. It’s certified to EN 1651 and EN 12277 standards.


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