Letter from the Editors — Spring 2020


How to Deal With a Pandemic

The COVID-19 virus situation has evolved so quickly, it’s impossible to say where things will stand by the time you open this issue of Adventure Park Insider. As we write this we are in crisis as a country and we will be changed from it. However, one thing is certain: it will pass, and life will go on. And, the aerial adventure industry should be ready to provide the public with the best place to be following a period of isolation—the outdoors!

We’ve been covering developments online at adventureparkinsider.com. There, several experts have shared advice that can help you weather this storm and focus on business continuity. Take a look if you haven’t already.

Some things to consider, in no order of importance:

Marketing And Messaging

We all have to think about business continuity and about next season, which will happen. Yes, it is appropriate to continue marketing your business, but with careful thought to the right tone and message. Be honest and upfront about your situation, and be gracious. Lay off the pushy stuff, and allow your audience to support you in a way that also gives them value. This isn’t business as usual, but you’re still a business. Get creative, be human, and you’ll find a few good marketing opportunities.

Finances and Business

Employees’ lost wages may be the biggest impact on your business. If there is government outreach or help, it may not fully take care of your team. Be prepared and communicate what you can do for staff now.

Don’t avoid maintenance (sustaining) capital spending, because you will be open again (i.e., don’t forsake your assets). Communicate often with stakeholders and lenders so they are aware of your business’s status and cash flow.

Make lenders aware of what you need and the importance for you to have the ability to keep moving forward. Interest rates are at an all time low, which makes a line of credit a smart place to start. Experts also recommend tapping any and all government programs, grants, etc.

Staff and Leadership

This is a crazy time. Be forthcoming with your staff so they know how their work will be affected. Also, keep your door open for staff at all times, if it wasn’t already. Everyone has a lot of questions, and while leaders may not have all the answers, simply being a good listener is meaningful.

Once this passes, which it will, things will have changed and we’ll all need to adjust. However, our industry will thrive again because, if nothing else, the experience of fun and adventure will be even more important to everyone.

The Editors


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