ACCT Program Accreditation Moves Forward


ACCT’s program accreditation initiative has been steadily, and slowly, making progress. At the ACCT conference, the Accreditation & Certification Committee outlined a 10-step process that generally mirrors the process used to certify Professional Vendor Members (PVMs). The aim is to recognize programs that meet procedural and operational standards set by ACCT.

The program went through its first pilot test last fall at the traditional challenge course and educational facility at Georgia Tech. “The pilot went well, from the standpoint of identifying how the process will work,” says ACCT executive director Shawn Tierney. Following a second pilot test this spring, this time at a commercial pay-to-play facility, and a “gathering of internal stakeholders later this summer,” says Tierney, ACCT plans to roll out the program later this year—or at the ACCT conference in Denver next February


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