Zip World Adds New Spiral Zip Ride


Welsh adventure park operator Zip World opened a new gravity-powered “spiral suspension track” at its Penrhyn Quarry location in Bethesda, Wales, this May. 

The attraction, Aero Explorer, starts roughly 115 feet (35 meters) in the air and sends riders zipping down a 1,315-foot-long (400 meters) spiral track with three loops. Harnessed riders are suspended beneath the track and can reach speeds of up to 30 mph.

Aero Explorer has been billed as an exhilarating new experience for both the experienced thrill-seeker and first-time adventurer. Among other attractions, the Penrhyn Quarry park also offers the Velocity 2, “the fastest zip line in the world,” as well as a two-span dual zip line called the Quarry Flyer. 

10 Years of Zip World

This year marks Zip World’s 10-year anniversary, and the company continues to expand. It opened in 2013 with the Penrhyn Quarry site and now operates 24 attractions across five locations in Wales and two in England.

Earlier this year, Zip World announced plans to launch its first hot-air balloon-style ride in Rhyl on the North Wales coast. The Skyflyer, a blimp-like aerostat, is designed to take passengers of all ages and abilities 400 feet into the air. The launch experienced a setback, though, and Zip World is working with the manufacturer to resolve an undisclosed issue. 

The company also recently hired a new CEO, Adrian Jones, the former U.S. president of Merlin Entertainments, which owns Madame Tussauds and Legoland among other properties.

Jones’ appointment is part of Zip World’s growth strategy, according to founder and president Sean Taylor, who told, “The appointment of Adrian signifies Zip World’s intent and ambitions to continue on its growth journey.”


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