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AdWords occupies a prominent space in the larger world of online advertising. The four major pillars of online advertising are: search engine marketing, display marketing, social media marketing, and mobile advertising. AdWords uses three of them, leaving social media marketing to the likes of Facebook and company.

Now mix in the number of possible ad types (text, ad extension, image, video, product promotion) and cost structures (CPC, impressions) and it’s easy to see why AdWords can be a major time hog.

Ad content appears in Google search listings, or on other websites and mobile apps. In Google-speak, these are Google’s “Search Network” and “Display Network,” respectively.

But at a high level, people will see AdWords ads simply as a result of surfing the web, and that’s why so many business owners use it.

With that background, it’s time to start boosting your AdWords success.



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