Snow King ZipTour Opens


A new two-span ZipTour opened at Snow King Mountain in Jackson, Wyo., June 8. It was manufactured by Terra-Nova LLC of Utah.

The first span from the top measures 2,800 feet long with a steep 36 percent grade; riders can reach speeds of 60 mph. The second span is 1,300 feet long with a 31 percent grade. The zips take riders up to 480 feet above the ground with views of the Grand Tetons throughout. 

Guests take a ride up the resort’s new eight-passenger gondola to the mountain’s summit where they practice on a short “demo zip” to familiarize themselves with the function of the ZipTour trolley. The trolley allows guests to control their speed while traveling on the zip line. 

Snow King general manager Ryan Stanley said the new attraction has been going well since it opened and “people are loving it.”

The minimum age to participate is 12 years old. Riders must weigh between 50-260 pounds and be 48-80 inches tall.


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