Signature Research Level 1 & 2 High and Low Element Certification Training


Signature Research is holding a Level I and Level II high and low element certification training at Bellevue Challenge Course, Bellevue, Wash., April 4-8, 2022. Each training course will cover the skills and knowledge needed to test for Level 1 or Level 2 certification. Participants for both levels must be 18 years old.

The cost is $780, which includes training tuition, certification, training materials, and any bonus materials. Meals and lodging are not included.

Level 1 Full Certification Course

This training is appropriate for all backgrounds and levels of experience and provides the necessary knowledge and skills to operate and manage risk of challenge course elements. It focuses on core technical skill proficiency to prepare trainees to deliver routine programming. This course is not intended to prepare participants to train others.

Participants will learn activities and initiatives, technical skills, program models, and facilitation techniques based on adventure theory and industry practices. At the conclusion, practitioners will be able to facilitate low and high elements under the supervision of a qualified person.

Level 2 Full Certification Course

This advanced-level training is designed for experienced practitioners. Topics are examined and analyzed in more depth; special attention is paid to studying leadership as a course professional and developing competencies around non-routine situations, such as rescues, course evacuation, and emergency procedures. At the conclusion, practitioners will be able to lead low and high element programs independent of direct supervision. This course is not intended to prepare participants to train others, but it will prepare them to supervise and mentor other practitioners.

Participants must have 200 hours of documented experience working on a course, and 40 hours of prior high element training provided by an ACCT professional vendor member.

For additional information, contact Paul Bland, [email protected]


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