International Safety Components Issues Product Recall on UltraLink


International Safety Components (ISC) has received feedback from customers describing various scenarios where the unlock button can be unintentionally depressed causing the UltraLink device to open during use. ISC is recalling both UltraLink models, LK100 and LK101.

The recall applies to all units in circulation from Feb. 28, 2023, through March 13, 2023. 

Batch numbers include:

LK100: 168276, 168153, 166671, 167961

LK101: 167962, 166675, 168231, 168155, 168277

There have been no reports of accidents or injuries at this time. However, ISC has advised to stop using any of the aforementioned items immediately, and remove them from service. 

ISC is actively developing modifications to the UltraLink so that is suitable for the wide range of uses the product is intended to serve. For updates on the progress of these modifications, please refer to ISC’s website:


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