First ZipWhipper Opens at Snowbird


A new attraction from Terra-Nova LLC of Utah called the ZipWhipper opened at Snowbird ski resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, on June 18. It is the first ZipWhipper to be installed since the attraction came to market. 

The 50-foot-tall ZipWhipper gives harnessed participants 20 seconds to climb as high as they can up a climbing wall. When time runs out, climbers are lifted to the top of the wall where, after a brief pause, they’re dropped backwards into a pendulum free fall, swinging outward away from the wall. As the swing dampens, they’re treated to another quick 10-foot drop before gradually being lowered to the ground. 

Snowbird offers a variety of summer activities and attractions, including a ropes course, mountain coaster, alpine slide, and many others. Access to most of the activities is included in an all-day activity pass; a run up the ZipWhipper is a $9 add-on to the pass. 

Guests as young as 7-years-old can climb the ZipWhipper. Climbers must be 45-78 inches tall and weigh between 50-260 pounds.

According to Terra-Nova’s Eric Cylvick, the opening of the attraction was “a great success.” 



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