New Products — Winter 2024


Walltopia Circle, Unharnessed Hex, and Family Hex Ropes Courses

Walltopia has released three new ropes course configurations: the Circle; the Unharnessed Hex; and the Family Hex. The Circle focuses on safety and user experience. Its safety system employs trolleys that simplify the operation. With a mix of zip line and roll glider experiences, it can easily integrate with Walltopia’s Zip Rail. The Unharnessed Hex is a standalone attraction for children that can accommodate a high number of guests per square foot in a design that can be single- or multi-level. The adaptable modular design expands horizontally and vertically and does not require personal protection equipment, as safety nets surround the course. Children can choose from a variety of routes in the multi-directional layout; they exit using a slide. The Family Hex allows children and adults to play together via parallel lines of obstacles that can be used simultaneously and encourage interaction and shared experiences. The parallel lines offer an easier route for children and a more difficult one for adults, but both lines can be set to the same level of difficulty, and further gamification can be added. Its multi-directional layout offers varied climbing routes and a choice of single- or multi-level. Again, modular design allows it to expand horizontally and vertically.  

Clic-It C-Zip Pulleys

The new C-ZiP pulleys from CLiC-iT come in a variety of models to serve different needs. The pulleys are forged from aluminum with each wheel guided by two bearings. Both the wheels and bearings are interchangeable and there is an anodization (anti-corrosion) option available for damp and saline environments. The AIR and SPEED are designed for zip lines up to 200 m (656 feet) in length; the XTREM, LOCK SPEED, and LOCK XTREM can be used on zip lines up to 400 m (about 1,300 feet), are compatible with the climbing sling C-0 and sewn sling C-1, and equipment carriers C-HOLDER and C-TWO. The pulleys can be stored on the harness while in between courses. The XTREM models feature forged connector holders to eliminate friction on the cable, and the LOCK versions feature a cable locking system and are PPE certified for optimum safety.

LockD Clips ROCKS

The new ROCKS system from LockD Clips is a smart belay system designed specifically for via ferratas, preventing climbers from unclipping from the safety line once they begin the course. It includes a shock absorber for unintentional falls and small carabiners that can fit any size hand, according to LockD Clips. Tweezle keys along the course intuitively indicate where to clip the carabiners. The equipment meets requirements for EN 15567 Type D and EN 17109 Type D, eliminating the need for age restrictions. In addition, the ROCKS system integrates into existing via ferrata courses, and the clips can be upgraded at any time. ROCKS comes with a 3-year warranty on non-wearing parts.

Teufelberger KM G Rope

The Teufelberger KM G packs 42.9 kN MBS into an 11-mm rescue rope and delivers a 1.2 percent elongation. Its high strength, anti-rotational core is constructed of Nylon 66 to enhance handling and knotability and is paired with an abrasion-, UV-, and chemical-resistant sheath made of low-elongation, high-tenacity polyester. Lightweight, the KM G weighs 5.74 pounds per 100 feet and comes in four colors: grey-red, grey-blue, grey-yellow, and grey-black.

Adventure Solutions’ Dome Solutions

Adventure Solutions has launched a new product division, Dome Solutions. Its geodesic dome buildings can span more than 60 feet high and meet state building codes for permanent structures. The domes are energy efficient and engineered for internal and external weight loads. They can be used as outdoor conference areas, recreational areas, event venues, glamping rooms, shade structures, greenhouses, and more. They can be covered in a variety of materials, providing clear or shaded options, and can be manufactured in various sizes.

Edelrid Radialis Air Harness

Edelrid’s Radialis Air harness is adjustable and versatile for use in high ropes courses. Color differentiation of the shoulder, hip, and leg loop straps helps the harness go on intuitively and reliably. Eight slide block buckles offer optimal adjustment across a range of sizes, and a dorsal eyelet that’s tested according to EN 361 offers an additional attachment point. Other features include abrasion-resistant polyester tapes with indicator threads, padding elements on back and hips, a central D-ring for attaching a lanyard, and strap ends designed so straps are unable to become fully unthreaded from buckles. An integrated RFID responder enables personalization and helps simplify the documentation process.


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