New Products — Winter 2023




The patent pending Treerific Tree Mounting System, designed by Tree-Mendous subsidiary Adventure Park Gear, utilizes an adjustable design to minimize damage when building in the trees. The screw/bolt is made of surgical steel, so no oxidation substances enter the sap flow of the tree. A power tool can be used to provide even, center torque, preventing a skewed mounting. The screw/bolt can spin freely thanks to an independent disc design, preventing cross torquing and damage to the tree’s cambium. Different sized discs can be used, depending on load requirements. With every year of growth, new cambium/wood will travel over the disk, so that the hardware effectively becomes an artificial limb, similar to a tooth implant, according to the company. The system works in multiple support directions, so that horizontal structures or loads can be mounted on top or hang from it. Down-bracing attachments can be used to increase load rating amounts.



Outdoor Venture Group has developed a new accessible outdoor recreation attraction, the Nautilus Tower. Using a seven-foot-wide ADA accessible ramp that spirals around the outer circumference of the structure or one of two staircases, visitors of any ability can climb the tower, which can be built up to 115 feet tall. Manufactured by KristallTurm, the tower’s modular construction streamlines fabrication and assembly times, according to Outdoor Venture Group. Its specially engineered foundation allows it to be installed in environmentally sensitive locations with low-to-no soil disturbance and no guy wire hazards. The design also includes optional features and add-ons, such as slides, for specific audiences. The tower can serve as a complement to existing attractions or standalone as a new development.



Tube Pro’s patent-pending tree and tower guards protect ski-lift towers and aerial course support structures from damage, and can also double as a canvas for signage. The guards are made of flexible, high molecular weight polyethylene plastic with adjustable webbing straps that are secured with metal winch buckles. The 96-inch-tall guards can be formed to fit any zip line or ropes course structure. No pre-assembly is required; the guards come ready to secure to the tower or tree for all-season protection. Available in multiple colors with custom screen printing, the Tube Pro tree and tower guards are an economical option for instructional signage, advertisement, or branding without harming trees or defacing towers. The custom vinyl logos and decals are tested to endure the outdoor elements.



Koala Equipment’s new 3.1 Pouliz is an updated pulley for the company’s continuous belay system. Previous iterations of the pulley had a crimped top, but a new removable and replaceable upper cover protects the bearing from debris and extends the device’s longevity, enabling operators to change out not only the cover but the entire interior mechanism as needed. Designed for use on wire ropes that are 12 mm to 13 mm in diameter, the pulley can be used on zip lines at a maximum of 80 km/h (~50 mph). The 3.1 Pouliz complies with the EN 17109:2020 standard, the PPE regulation 2016 / 425 / EEC, and it is now UKCA approved.



Idaho Sewing for Sports now offers fully recyclable padding for adventure park applications. All of the company’s padding and covers can be made from new Renegade polypropylene-based fabrics and V/SMART foam. The Renegade fabric is made of recyclable polypropylene rather than PVC. The V/SMART foam is composed of fibers specifically chosen for recyclability, and it also contains up to 70 percent recycled fibers. The recyclable product line is lighter weight, as durable or more durable than existing products, and less expensive than non-recyclable options in many cases. In addition, it can decrease an operation’s carbon footprint by 65 percent, according to Idaho Sewing for Sports.


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