New Products — Winter 2021



The Cheetah Harness from Spectrum Sports is made to fit a wide range waist sizes and adjust quickly. According to the company, it is designed specifically for the amusement industry. The sit harness features an adjustable waist belt that expands from 20 in. to 45 in. Adjustable leg loops expand up to 35 inches and are color-coded to make it easier to put on the harness correctly (red = right leg). The pull loops on the straps allow for quick and easy adjustments. The Cheetah Harness also features double-ear, parachute buckles that have a visual indicator to confirm the buckle is closed completely.



The Petzl EJECT is a friction saver designed for tree care. The EJECT allows the work rope to be set up without damaging the tree, even in narrow forks of limbs. It offers multiple setup configurations on one or two branches and can be adjusted to precise lengths. Rope ascents and movement in the tree are optimized thanks to the high-efficiency pulley, which facilitates rope glide at the anchor. The included retrieval ball makes the system easily retrievable from the ground.



The Ropeland Play Nets from Adventure Solutions are made with a single- or multi-layer suspension web, allowing for a variety of different kinds of play—including climbing, descending, jumping, hiding, swinging, spinning, rolling, crawling, and more. Individual netting components can be connected to one another to form different activities, such as a swing, tunnel, bed, or sleeve, and can be oriented horizontally, vertically, or on an incline. The netting is hand-crocheted in single or multiple colors.



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