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Adventure Park insider rounded up a variety of new products, including equipment for the field, technology for the office, and more.


The KAA from Edelrid is a prefabricated haul system with multiple uses, such as lifting a person in a rescue situation or for tensioning. The compact system is available in 0.8 m and 1.5 m lengths, and offers a 4:1 or 5:1 lifting ratio, depending on positioning, with an efficiency of 91 percent. A swivel at each end prevents the system from twisting under load. The flat webbing design includes an adjustable hand lever on the draw cord that allows for increased leverage, and it can also be used as a lowering lever. An integrated RFID chip comes with the preassembled kit for use with Edelrid’s Gear Pilot app. The KAA is certified to EN 354 standards.



Merinio Dispatch is a workforce management system that automates scheduling-related communications. Operators can utilize the system to send automated calls and text messages to staff regarding upcoming shifts, including scheduling changes, shift exchanges, weather-related adjustments, etc., allowing operators to more easily manage staffing levels, no matter the weather.



The Signature GZL Hydraulic Dismount System is designed to assist with accessibility issues on gravity zip lines (GZL). To increase accessibility for participants who may not wish to, or are not able to, make the climb up or down, the system offers two options. For traditional, shorter single-zip lines, the GZL lowers the zip line to ground level for entry or exit and raises it back in place. In addition, the hydraulic system can be paired with a locking swing arm and 4:1 pulley system to raise participants to the start point or lower them from the end point.



KristallTurm, designer and manufacturer of aerial adventure towers, has released a 3D configuration system, allowing operators to digitally design, build, and modify a KristallTurm adventure tower that best suits their location and operation. Operators can select from pre-set layouts and activities, or customize their own. The system also provides related measurements, capacity, staff requirements, and climbing time for chosen designs.



The Wood’N’Ball race from SunKid is an interactive children’s activity. Participants purchase a wooden ball from a vending machine before rolling them down the fully customized course. The course, similar in style to a Rube Goldberg machine, can be customized in design, length, and elements to fit the site and operation. The balls can be custom branded with the operator’s logo and taken home as a souvenir.



InTouch Business Insights is a business analytics platform. Built on the foundation of an enterprise guest management and transaction platform, it provides access to an organization’s data using tools optimized for analysis. Users can create custom visual reports and dashboards accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. This system integrates directly with InTouch Campaign Management, allowing operators to execute targeted marketing campaigns incorporating guest demographics as well as transactional, behavioral, and analytical data.



The SkyTECH Safe Launch system takes a multifaceted approach to limiting the risk of operator error when launching participants on a zip line attraction. The system is comprised of an electronic launcher, electromagnetic launch gates, and RFID brake reset protocols that integrate directly with the system inspection software, digital waivers, and an optional automated photo capture and sales system. A closed-circuit audio and visual system may also be added. All of the inputs are fully redundant, limiting the risk of operator error.



The Chameleon Static Rope from Teufelberger is a 32-braid nylon rope made for all-around use, and meets EN 1891A standards. The rope is produced in a manner that yields little waste. In production, yarn left over during a color change in the extrusion process is used rather than discarded. As a result, the rope’s color changes based on the raw materials available, and the upcycling helps to reduce waste in the fiber production process.



Designed by KOALA Equipment, the CLIMB-UP is a fall arrester for rigid vertical-ladder elements and seamlessly integrates into the KOALA continuous belay system. The CLIMB-UP allows the belay cable to run directly up the side rails of a rigid vertical ladder, eliminating the need for participants to transfer between belay systems. Participants can now progress their POULIZ trolley up the belay cable attached to the side rail of the ladder. As they climb, the trolley passes through a series of CLIMB-UP arresters that act as gates until they reach the top of the ladder and continue through the course.



The X2 Trolley from Xtreem is a high-speed zip line trolley capable of speeds in excess of 100 mph and is rated to support riders weighing up to 300 lbs. The X2 features redundant manual magnetic brake adjustments, with a brake on each side of each wheel. Operators can adjust the brakes to apply more or less braking force as needed for situations such as high wind conditions. This trolley is currently going through certification processes.



Magpie is a content management and distribution platform designed specifically for the tours and activities market. Operators can use Magpie to load, store, manage, and deliver the product content that appears on the various sales and OTA platforms utilized by the operation—all through one cloud-based system. It acts as a bridge between the operation and the reseller by supporting the distribution of product descriptions, images, and pricing to each reseller’s onboarding platform. Operators can also make real-time updates that are then automatically delivered to all selected resellers. Plus, Magpie has translation, SEO optimization, and image enhancement services.



The Kintex Action Tower from Eldorado Climbing is a freestanding, multi-challenge climbing tower with multiple unique, action elements. The tower can be fully customized to appeal to a wide range of ages and abilities, and the elements are easily changed or modified to keep it fresh for returning guests. Each climbing station comes equipped with a TRUBLUE auto belay, and a single tower can accommodate up to 12 guests at a time. The Kintex Action Tower is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes in four different heights and can fit into virtually any building.



The Mach II trolley from Zip-Rush is an update from the company’s Mach III trolley. The aluminum-sided trolley utilizes magnet-equipped wheels to induce eddy-current braking. The design features cutouts near the wheels for better residual heat dissipation, and its polyurethane wheels are field-replaceable. It can reach a maximum speed of up to 160 km/h (~100 mph). The Mach II is also available without internal braking for a 3/4” cable.,


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