New Products — Summer 2022



A new line of Fieldsheer apparel—shirts, hoodies, vests, face masks, towels, neckbands, and skull caps—features various engineered fabric blends designed to keep the wearer cool, dry, and clean. Geared toward outdoor workers and enthusiasts, the mobile cooling technologies have been proven to regulate skin temperature up to seven degrees cooler while reducing moisture with fast-drying, sweat-wicking material, according to Fieldsheer. Each of the five trademarked technologies—drirelease, Hydrologic, Odorsheer, Sunsheer, and Sweatsheer—is equipped with unique properties that help to achieve various objectives. For example, Odorsheer technology was developed to prevent bacterial growth and eliminates unwanted odors.



The Itaka harness is a new work and positioning harness from KONG that features five attachment points, ergonomic padding, and an NFC (near field communication) chip to digitally track the equipment and document periodic inspections. The attachment points include three anchors—ventral, sternal, and dorsal—with an additional two lateral positioning rings made of lightweight alloy, which can be locked in a closed position to prevent accidental entanglement. The harness is also equipped with two large gear loops and four textile loops for tool bags, as well as two passages for captive insertion of gear-holding connectors. Accessories include two textile gear-holder loops that can be attached to the shoulder straps or belt with removable Velcro. The harness is certified up to 330 pounds.



ADG Mountainsides is now offering a customizable, on-board timed audio system for its mountain coaster carts. The on-board, all-weather speakers can be used to broadcast customized audio and soundtracks to the rider, triggered by location to match the guest’s experience in real time, using a system that works in conjunction with ADG’s SmartCart technology. The on-board audio system comes standard on all new ADG mountain coaster installations and can also be added to the carts of existing ADG mountain coasters.


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