New Products — Spring 2022



Ropes Park Equipment (RPE) has created the Tweezle O, a new locking mechanism for use with the LockD Clips Integrated Carabiner System. The Tweezle O performs the same locking function as the Tweezle Key but is designed to integrate horizontal and vertical movement sequences on a course. When moving from a horizontal line, the participant unclips the unlocked carabiner from the horizontal line, and secures the clip onto the Tweezle O, which will allow the other carabiner to unlock, ensuring the climber is always attached to a lifeline. It can be used with self-retracting life lines, auto-belays, and rolling elements. The Tweezle O is a replacement for Tweezle Loops and the legacy Tweezle 9. It is made from lightweight aluminum, weighs .25 lbs., and meets the standards for UIAA 13:2021 PPE-R/11.114.



The Skylotec ACX Power Ascender is a battery-powered winch that transports people or equipment to elevated areas. It uses a motorized system to climb a standard-size rope, and its design includes a handle to keep the operator balanced, an emergency stop button, and controls for direction as well as speed. The ascender can be controlled by the operator, or by a remote up to 490 feet away. An easy load system allows for the quick attachment of a suitable rope to the Power Ascender, which is then attached to the operator or equipment using a carabineer. The ACX Power Ascender can carry persons and loads up to 440 lbs. It can be used as an active running system, top rigged, or bottom rigged, depending on the application.



Viewpoint is a souvenir video system that uses helmet-mounted cameras to capture a guest’s park experience hands-free, and creates a shareable, branded video. The system, delivered ready for implementation, requires power and internet to operate. Using a hook and loop mounting system, a one-ounce camera is attached to a lightweight aluminum selfie arm on the user’s helmet. Content captured in 1080p by the wide-angle lens camera is uploaded to a cloud platform where a video is automatically edited into a shareable format, with the adventure park’s branding. The user can then access and share the video from an internet-connected device using a QR code provided at the time of purchase. All video can be screened and monitored by staff using a provided control panel platform.



The new PicThrive Instant adds new automated capabilities to PicThrive’s photo and video sales and marketing platform. Using PicThrive Instant’s new drive detection function, park and tour operators can enable automatic media uploads whenever a new SD Card or USB drive is connected to the platform. Photo and video uploads are unlimited for operators. Instant upload allows guests to view and purchase content immediately after a tour, and the media is made automatically available to guests who purchase online or in-person.



Switchback, the ride system from Ziptrek Technologies and Holmes Solutions that allows riders to transition between rails and cables at speed, has expanded its offering to include a new powered trolley. Switchback rides can be mostly cable, mostly rail, or any combination of the two. They can turn corners, traverse slopes, drop into helixes, and fly through the trees, all in one ride if desired. The new powered system allows riders to travel uphill as well. Switchback’s original gravity-based technology and new powered system both support continuous travel and automatic braking.


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