New Products—Spring 2021


Three of the latest products for aerial adventure operators.


SPS Filets aims to add some fun to adventure park wooden bridge elements with its Little Monsters series of themed island boards. The 40 in. x 37 in. elements are made of ¾-inch Okoumé-faced plywood. They are designed to attach to two parallel wire ropes with 15.75 in. spacing. Attachment accessories are included. There are six Little Monsters designs in the collection, which can be purchased in pairs or as the entire collection. The Little Monsters can be printed on a single side or on both sides of the element. SPS Filets can also produce custom designs.



The Swan Easyfit Steel from Petzl is a full-body harness designed specifically for use in adventure parks. It features color-coded shoulder straps to make gear-up simpler, and is equipped with a Fast LT Pin-Lock automatic waistbelt buckle, which can only be unlocked with a special tool, so the user cannot inadvertently open the buckle. The high ventral attachment point is designed to limit the risk of the wearer inverting. The harness comes in a single size, which adapts to most body types and—along with an identification panel for marking—makes for easy gear management. The Swan Easyfit Steel is certified to CE EN 12277 type A, UIAA standards.



The Zaza2 Switch for the Coudou Pro continuous belay system is a stainless-steel bifurcation plate that allows participants to overtake, divert to various courses, or exit an aerial adventure course. The Switch can also be manually operated using a special key. Using the key, it is possible to unlock the plate, allowing for ultra-rapid evacuations in the case of injury, storm, fire, or other incidents.



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