New Products — Spring 2020


A collection of new products aimed at enhancing the guest experience, streamlining operations, and more.


The KAA from Edelrid is a prefabricated haul system with multiple uses, such as lifting a person in a rescue situation or for tensioning. The compact system is available in 0.8 m and 1.5 m lengths, and offers a 4:1 or 5:1 lifting ratio, depending on positioning, with an efficiency of 91 percent. A swivel at each end prevents the system from twisting under load. The flat-webbing design includes an adjustable hand lever on the draw cord for increased leverage, and it can also be used as a lowering lever. The preassembled kit is equipped with an integrated RFID chip for Edelrid’s Gear Pilot app, which digitally tracks maintenance, inspection, and documentation of the gear. The KAA is certified to EN354 standards.



Hibbs Hallmark, in partnership with Berkley Accident and Health, now offers operators the opportunity to provide participant accident insurance, which provides benefits that may help participants who are injured during activities pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by primary health insurance, out-of-network costs, co-pays, and other costs associated with a covered accident. This policy, added to an operator’s insurance plan, covers all registered participants of the policyholder while the guests are participating in the policyholder’s supervised and sponsored activities. Unlike liability coverage, it pays regardless of negligence.



Fresh Challenge Gear Spray from Challenge Access is designed to help keep gear clean without degrading the fibers. The plant-based spray combines clove, lemon, and cinnamon essential oils along with eucalyptus leaf oils to create an antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial spray for harnesses and other non-metal gear.



A new pole-repair system from Adventure Designs & Training provides a permanent solution to damage in poles caused by woodpeckers, insects, ground rot, top rot, or cracking. The bonding polymer is made of natural organic compounds which, when applied properly, restores the strength and integrity of the pole and prevents further decay.



The ZipEye from Kanopeo is a wireless safety system designed to reduce the risk of collisions on zip lines. The system features two gates, one at the start and one at the terminus of the cable. When a trolley passes by the “start” gate, the gate locks, preventing any other trolleys from passing the gate until it receives a signal that the first trolley has passed through the “stop” gate at the other end. The system is solar-powered and can be installed on cables up to 400 m (about 1,300 ft.) in length. The system is currently compatible with the Saferoller trolley and will be integrated with other trolley systems in the future.



The Removable Connecting Ferrule from Koala can be used to connect two wire-rope lifelines on horizontal activities or zip lines. The ferrule consists of two removable, interlocking parts that allow operators to change or adjust the two wire ropes independently of one another, creating more flexibility in wire rope maintenance and repair. The Removable Connecting Ferrule is compatible with 12 mm or ½ in. wire rope.



Eldorado Climbing’s new Fractal Climbing Panels are the result of a unique collaboration with artist James Davis, who uses the Lichtenberg wood burning technique. He applies a conductive material to the surface of 42-in. X 42-in. birch panels, and then sends an electrical current across the surface. The resulting burn on the surface creates a one-of-a-kind design that resembles lightning bolts or trees. Each 38-lb panel has a durable, climbable coating, with 25 t-nuts in place for route setting. The panels can be easily installed in both indoor and outdoor sheltered spaces for a unique, one-of-a-kind climbing feature.



Kong has partnered with Italian software developer Exteryo to create the Exteryo Safety 4.0 PPE inspection system. This app-based system uses near-field communication (NFC)-enabled tags to record PPE inspection reports. Similar to RFID, NFC reads tags on each piece of gear as a unique “access key” to product data and inspection reports stored in the cloud. Unlike RFID, though, NFC tags can be read by most smartphones or a low-cost NFC reader connected to a computer. All new Kong harnesses, lanyards, and helmets are being delivered with NFC tags. Tags can also be added to existing equipment. The app is available in a free version and in a feature-enhanced subscription version.
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The CLiC’n’ZiP from CLiC-iT integrates a trolley with the CLiC-iT Y-Lanyard. Designed for aerial adventure courses with integrated zip lines, the CLiC’n’ZiP features the same smart belay lanyard technology as other CLiC-iT products. The integrated trolley allows for the seamless transition to a zip line feature without the need for additional equipment. The CLiC’n’ZiP can be used on existing courses.



The Swincar e-Spider is an electric, off-road vehicle that can provide a unique experience, such as backcountry tours on larger properties. Made of machined aluminum and aluminum tubing, the Swincar features four spider-like arms that move independently of one another, allowing the vehicle to tackle rough and uneven terrain. The pendulum seat keeps the driver level while all four wheels stay in contact with the ground. The 1000-watt brushless wheel motors deliver a maximum torque of 86 Nm (63 lb-ft) at 5 RPM. Drivers control speed using a foot pedal or steering-wheel controls to reach the maximum speed of 35 km/h (about 23 mph). A swivel arm can be added for ease of accessibility, including guest transfer to and from a wheelchair.



The DYNO Auto Belay is an automatic friction descent controller. It uses a dual-action braking system with an additional descent brake as a backup, providing a controlled descent in the event of primary brake failure. Its anodized aluminum housing and drum make the unit lightweight at just 26.5 lb. The unit is sealed and weatherproof, and can be operated in temperatures from -31º to 113º F. It has a min-max working load of 22 to 330 pounds, and three lanyard lengths to choose from: 26, 39, and 59 feet. The DYNO is compatible with EN341:2011 Class A, ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2007, and CSA Z359.2.3-99 standards.



Adventure Suppliers offers a unique service for retail shops at outdoor adventure operations by eliminating the need to work with multiple contacts from different product suppliers when outfitting a retail operation. The company has curated a wide range of high-quality items that are proven to sell, and can guide you through making choices, taking the guessing game out of choosing what to include on your shelves.


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