New Products — Fall 2022



The Trimmer+ is a new adjustable work positioning lanyard from Kong. Like its predecessor the Trimmer, the Trimmer+ attaches to the work positioning “D” rings on a harness waistbelt and can be used from ventral or lateral attachment points to adjust the distance from an anchoring point. Its length can be adjusted under load by pressing an ergonomic lever. The device now uses a thinner 10 mm rope (vs. the Trimmer’s 11 mm rope) for smoother action. The use of a sleeve reduces the dimensions of the terminal head, making the Trimmer+ more compact than earlier iterations and expanding its adjustment range. Rubber protection sheaths on the terminals are labeled and integrated with NFC chips to ensure quick and safe identification of the serial number. The Trimmer+ is tested in accordance with EN 358:2018 for use up to 150 kg (330 lbs.).



MyFAK is a versatile first aid kit from MyMedic equipped with high-performance life-saving medical and trauma supplies. The kit comes in a variety of sizes and cases including permanent, fixed kits, as well as portable kits and waterproof kits, each designed with the purpose of speed and efficiency in medical emergencies. MyMedic kits feature a folding page design for better organization, additional space for kit customization, and color-coded medical supplies for quick selection. Supplies can be replenished as resources are depleted over time. Additionally, soft-case kits come equipped with a Hypalon MOLLE panel and metal clips for accessorizing or anchoring.



The new AdrenaZip trolley from MND Leisure uses new in-line braking technology that can adapt to slope steepness, up to a 30 percent grade. Two braking blocks on the wheels and non-contact braking eliminate wear and tear on the system, according to the company, and increase durability. The trolley has a load range of 88 lbs. to 330 lbs., and it is capable of having one or two riders attached. The AdrenaZip is designed to pass through intermediate pylons along the span. The pylons serve to manage sag in the cable from one point to another, allowing for installations where a typical zip line wouldn’t be feasible. The trolley can be installed on lines up to 9,000 feet long and travel up to 75 mph. 


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