New Products — Fall 2018


Offset Oval Karabiner

The ISC Offset Oval Karabiner is an aluminum carabiner featuring a streamline spine, allowing for easy rotation of the carabiner. The barrels of the carabiner have been designed with a square cut notch to limit debris buildup and have a blind (anti-snag) nose. The gate opening of the Offset Oval is 19mm and comes in Screwgate, Twistlock, Supersafe, and Quadlock. Each type has maximum break strength of 25kN. The Offset Oval meets EN362:2004 standards.

Jag Rescue Kit

The JAG Rescue Kit from Petzl is a ready-to-use, reversible rescue kit designed to easily pick off and lower a victim. It contains an anchor sling, a haul kit, a gated ring, a descender, and 30, 60, or 120 meters of rope, all contained within a 25L, easy-to-carry bucket bag. The haul system’s 4:1 mechanical advantage reduces the effort needed to hold the victim’s weight. Once the victim is released, the descender makes it easy to control how fast the victim is lowered to the ground. The pre-rigged kit is ideal for quick response to rescue situations.

The Wieflyer

The WieFlyer is a new ride from Wiegand Sports GmbH that hangs on a closed-circuit rail system suspended from a substructure fabricated from steel. Each vehicle is equipped with a variable electric motor. Passengers can control their own speed, maxing out at about 26 mph. A continuous energy supply and control system provide power to vehicles along the entire track, and an automatic distancing system prevents collisions. The rail system can be designed with straights, curves, and waves. And since the ride is elevated, it can be installed over existing attractions, and it can also have multiple loading stations.

Saferoller Transfer

The Kanopeo Saferoller Transfer allows aerial adventure operators to integrate games requiring vertical movements, free fall devices, Tarzan swings, and more into an aerial adventure course that uses the Saferoller continuous belay system. To operate, a participant connects the transfer station to the departure station, so the trolley slides through onto the transfer station. The participant then navigates the obstacle or vertically oriented game, and repeats the process on the other end, sliding the trolley back through the transfer station onto an arrival point and back onto the continuous belay. The intuitive operation of the transfer minimizes instruction time and it is also easy to maintain.

The Hoop

The Hoop from SPS Filets is a braided mesh polyamide swing designed for young children to enjoy a low-height zip in a comfortable seated position. It consists of a tire seat that is suspended from a straight 16mm shackle, so the Hoop can be easily attached to a zip attraction with a pulley.

Folded Zip Arm

The new Koala Folded Arm for long zip lines (greater than 175 feet) is designed to fit seamlessly into the Koala continuous belay system via rapid link. It allows a rider to go from a horizontal obstacle to a zip line up to 1,750 feet long without having to transfer to another belay line. The Folded Arm is compatible with 12mm or half-inch cable. One arm is installed at each end of the zip line, allowing for transfer off and back onto the continuous belay cable.

Fotaflo Iphone App

The new Fotaflo 2 iPhone app joins the existing Fotaflo 2 app for Android phones. Operators can sign up for Fotaflo for free and download either the Android or iOS app. Guides can then use a tablet, phone, or other mobile device to capture photos and videos that are automatically uploaded, organized, and branded via the Fotaflo app. The iPhone app features live chat for support, automated uploading, photo labeling, and individual tagging.

Contractor Insurance Program

Granite Insurance has developed a new national program for contractors in the adventure sport and amusement industry. It is specifically targeted at contractors in the zip line, ropes course, climbing wall, amusement, and other related adventure/amusement industries. The program does not have any state exclusions. Further, worldwide coverage is available for contractors doing work or selling products internationally.


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