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Question 4: What’s the best idea you’ve seen that is not in one of your parks?

Micah: I always like to see the special themed events that parks are hosting around the holidays. For example, after dark Halloween zip lining looks exciting.

Paul: I love the themed weekends we are seeing at parks. It’s a great way to entice your climbers to come back again and again. Full Moon climbs, Zombies, park monitors dressed as elves…How would you not want to come back?

Jim: A well-designed lighting system that enhances the nighttime experience, but doesn’t light up the tour like a baseball field, but uses a series of colored spotlights and rope lights, say.

Ryan: Situating a park so that it’s highly visible from a major highway. You can put out as many advertisements as you can afford, and clients may still have a hard time finding your business. That said, I do like courses that are off the beaten path, because that helps create a better user experience. But it does cause you to spend more time and money helping people find the course.

Tim: There are no better ideas than the ones in our parks. 😉 We do like the idea that a tree canopy tour should be in the outdoors and get more people outdoors. That’s a healthy thing, and aerial parks can give people a greater appreciation of nature, which encourages conservation. A zip line canopy tour can carry more people through more sensitive outdoor areas, with less environmental impact, than any other method of visitation. Plus, it appeals to a wide market—you do not have to have great physical ability to enjoy it.

Aerial adventure parks and ropes courses are great for highly developed areas. Again, the goal of this type of park should be families having fun, and getting physical activity outdoors.

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