The Next Chapter

Early in the pandemic, Adventure Park Insider made the temporary shift to a digital magazine format. Our aim was to reach you, our readers, wherever you were during work-from-home times. This accessibility was important to help keep everyone connected and informed while many of you weren’t necessarily where you normally receive the print magazine.

A year later, the outlook is improving daily, and the amount of good news is growing. It’s time to ramp up our businesses and prepare for a busy summer. There’s a lot of pent-up demand to get outdoors. As part of this reopening, we are once again delivering Adventure Park Insider in its beautiful print format, so you can enjoy the content as you did pre-Covid. Our digital magazine format continues, too, so you have options for reading going forward.

The return to producing a print magazine is a welcome bit of normalcy that we know you, our readers and advertising partners, have looked forward to. We’ve enjoyed hearing how so many of you value the magazine, read it cover-to-cover, have API reference libraries, and keep copies around for staff of all levels to read and learn from, and also reference during team meetings.

For example, here is what some fellow operators said about our return to print:

“So glad Adventure Park Insider is coming back in print. Over the last few years, Adventure Park Insider has become a must-read for me. I get one to my house and one to my office and I read it cover-to-cover.”

—John Hines, The Adventure Park at Sandy Springs

“I always put at least one copy in our ready room. The guides get a better idea of the scope of what’s out there in the zip line world.”

—Bruce “Coach” Brown, Royal Gorge Zip Line Tours 

“I use Adventure Park Insider as a resource for new ideas. I am constantly going back to past print issues to reference articles as I operate my business.”

—Lee Kerfoot, Kerfoot Canopy Tours

“I am so excited Adventure Park Insider is coming back in print!! I saw this and subscribed immediately! One for me and a couple issues to put out at our tour. This is HUGE and a great deal!!”  —Lori Pingle, ZipZone

The Value of Print

The “great deal” Lori is referring to is a paid subscription that is chock full of value. To make it cost effective for us to produce the print magazine, we’re now offering a subscription that includes the rest of 2021 (three issues) and all four issues in 2022 for just $25. Plus, a subscription includes a copy of the 2021 State of the Industry Report (valued at $59) and other perks from our partners at Adventure Suppliers (see for details).

This was not a decision we made lightly. We know that paying for something you used to get for free can sometimes taste funny. When that something is worth paying for, though, it tastes just as good as ever. We believe you’ll find a subscription is well worth the cost. Your support allows us to continue doing what we do.

Visit for more details and to take advantage of the limited time offer.

A New Partnership

The pandemic has brought a lot of challenges and misery, but there have also been silver linings. One example is the connection we’ve developed with our European counterparts. When the pandemic hit, we had several Huddles with operators from European countries, and the sharing of information was super beneficial to all.

This connection will outlast the pandemic. We are partnering with Vertex in the UK to add news and information about the European adventure park industry to the magazine. Look for stories of innovation, trends, case studies, and more from our European operator and supplier friends in the near future.

The pandemic has been an enormous, almost unprecedented challenge, one that has highlighted our industry’s ability to adapt. As we begin to emerge from its worst moments, a new chapter is beginning for all of us.

                                                                                   The Editors

Olivia Rowan, Publisher
Rick Kahl, Editor
Dave Meeker, Senior Editor
Sarah Borodaeff, Associate Editor